Unseen Enemy
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Unseen Enemy

Unseen Enemy

You are watching now the Unseen Enemy movie has Documentary Genres and produced in Brazil, Cambodia, China, Congo, Germany, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, UK, USA with 97 min runtime. Brought to you by Watch4HD.com and directed by Janet Tobias,

Unseen Enemy is an essential exploration of reasons 21st-century populations are experiencing a rash of diseases that were once only outbreaks, but have now become full-blown epidemics. This increased risk that we face, and the ways society and individuals can work together to reduce that risk, are explained to the public through the case studies of three epidemics: Ebola, influenza and Zika. Moving across the globe, we meet doctors, disease detectives and everyday people who have stepped into the horror of an epidemic and emerged deeply changed. Epidemics bring out the best and worst of human behavior, with effects reaching far beyond the tolls of sickness and death.

Duration: 97 min

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IMDb: 8.8