Trail of the Broken Blade
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Trail of the Broken Blade

Trail of the Broken Blade

You are watching now the Trail of the Broken Blade movie has Action Drama Musical Genres and produced in Hong Kong with 104 min runtime. Brought to you by and directed by Cheh Chang,

A young aristocratic knight Li Yueh renounces his sword, identity & the woman he loves after going on the lam for assassinating a corrupt official responsible for his father’s demise. While living incognito as a lowly stable-hand in a country tavern, Li’s past catches up with him when he meets by chance Fang Chun Chao, a platonic benefactor of Li’s betrothed whom he assists to reunite with Li. Meanwhile Fang himself is trailed by his own sworn enemies, the Tu clan of Flying Fish Island where all converge and where Li is forced out from his undercover existence and back to the way of the blade.

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Genre: ActionDramaMusical


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Duration: 104 min

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IMDb: 6.5