The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis
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The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis

The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis

You are watching now the The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis movie has Documentary Genres and produced in UK with N/A runtime. Brought to you by and directed by Leonardo Machado,

A remarkable, uplifting film following the extraordinary two year story of a man trying to rebuild his body and his family after a devastating illness. In November 2013 Alex Lewis, father-of-one, caught a common cold. In an extremely rare case, the cold developed into toxic shock syndrome with shattering effects. Alex lost both legs, both arms and part of his face as doctors fought to save him – but, his physical rehabilitation wouldn’t prove to be his biggest challenge, rebuilding his relationship with his partner Lucy, and winning back the love of his three year old son, would. Filmed intimately over two years, and from just days after he lost his limbs, filmmaker Leonardo Machado follows Alex’s incredible story as he seeks to rebuild his life, his relationships and reinvent himself. He wakes up an alien to himself, and a different father to Sam, his son. Sam can’t to bring himself kiss his dad’s new disfigured face, and this film follows the emotional path to rediscovering the love between father and son. Lucy meanwhile remains steadfast in her love and support for Alex, never once questioning their new found life, in fact, she remains hopeful Alex may one day propose, something he’d always promised “wasn’t for him”. With incredible access to a candid and inspirational family, this life affirming film captures a man turning a horrific situation into a triumph of human achievement. Over two years regaining his personality and identity as a father and husband.

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