Perils of the Jungle
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Perils of the Jungle

Perils of the Jungle

You are watching now the Perils of the Jungle movie has Adventure Drama Genres and produced in USA with 63 min runtime. Brought to you by and directed by George Blair,

On an African safari with his friend Grant, Clyde Beatty plans to buy some black-maned Numbian lions from Jo Carter but her animals are wiped out by a fire. Despite interference by rival dealer Gorman, who hopes to ruin Jo, Beatty saves her business by helping her to capture an adult gorilla. (2nd story) When Grant is bitten by a tsetse fly and falls ill, Beatty heads for the nearest hospital through the territory of the dangerous Matabeles tribe. They are captured and condemned to death by Grubbs, a white man living with the tribe and stealing their gold. Using the Matabele Boy King as a shield, Beatty and Grant make an escape and Grubbs is forced to accompany them, leaving his loot behind.

Duration: 63 min

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IMDb: 5.0