Ghetto Goblin
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Ghetto Goblin

Ghetto Goblin

You are watching now the Ghetto Goblin movie has Horror Genres and produced in South Africa with 72 min runtime. Brought to you by and directed by Jordan Harland,

Strange attacks plague the township’s women, leaving the town leaders at a loss to defend them. At the same time Mthnuzi, a shrewd businessman, is becoming wealthier and more popular with the ladies – something is amiss. The local reverend, Simon Nkosi, learns that Mthunzi is controlling a Tokoloshe to fulfill his greedy desires. In his greed he breaks a golden rule of maintaining control over the beast and it goes on a rampage. Now its thirst for blood is strong and comes after Mthunzi’s women, saving the one he loves for last. Together with Reverend Simon they must take on a mythical beast that has never been defeated, to try and save.

Duration: 72 min

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.9