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    Dead Rising 2

    Dead Rising 2

    You are watching now the Dead Rising 2 movie has Action Adventure Comedy Genres and produced in Canada, Japan with 90 min runtime. Brought to you by Watch4HD.com and directed by ,

    After a new batch of the zombie outbreak is let loose in Fortune City, Nevada, a new terrifying fight for survival begins. A new hero is requested. Enter Chuck Greene, a devoted father and motocross legend. After his daughter Katey gets bitten by her zombified mother, Chuck retreats from his hometown and makes his way to Fortune City to take part in a new brutal game-show called TIR: Terror is Reality. The game-show consists of contestants doing unspeakable things to zombies while trying to win out over the other opponents. The pure reason that Chuck decides to take part in the show is to pay for the zombrex treatment that his daughter needs to stay alive and stay human. After taking part in the show, Chuck finds himself fighting to survive this new zombie nightmare that Frank West first experienced in Dead Rising. Along the way he must help more stranded civilians escape to safety and take on the psychopaths who feel they are now the kings of the world and plan to kill any human they come across. As the game goes on it is revealed that there is a conspiracy at work at the heart of the zombie outbreak and Chuck must find a way to stop it before the rest of America succumbs to the zombie hordes.

    Duration: 90 min

    Quality: HD


    IMDb: 7.3