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You are watching now the Cowboys movie has Adventure Short Western Genres and produced in USA with 14 min runtime. Brought to you by and directed by Betsy Burke,

The year is 1959 when the dream to be a cowboy was in every boy’s heart. Monte and Leroy are two small-town, neglected 8-year-olds. They sneak into an abandoned shack and find real guns, and plot their get-away. Monte tells his mother of his plans to go live in the mountains and be a cowboy, but she ignores him. So, off the boys go on a adventuresome day, narrowly cheating death several times. They hook up with a double crossing cowboy, are rescued by an imposing Indian, escape from the sheriff, and are accountable for the death of a rabbit. Monte makes it back home and tells his mother of his adventures, but she dismisses it as the fantasies of a boy and tells him goodnight.

Duration: 14 min

Quality: HD