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You are watching now the Cassandra movie has Horror Genres and produced in USA with 90 min runtime. Brought to you by and directed by David E. Tolchinsky,

Do you remember? Last summer, Illinois was confronting a series of bizarre murders. At each crime scene, police found a sketch of a house which turned out to be the location of the next murder. But detectives couldn’t identify the houses in time, and the murders continued, becoming more violent until someone recognizes the latest sketch as the old Wilson farm up in Monroe. As we open, a policewoman named Crawley is being interviewed by an unseen authority figure. She tries to remember what exactly happened at the Wilson farm. She explains she was patrolling in the area and went there quickly, intending to find out what the owner knew and get him out. Instead. . . what happened was. . . if only she could remember. . .

Duration: 90 min

Quality: 720p HD


IMDb: 4.2