Azeem Banatwalla: Problems
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Azeem Banatwalla: Problems

Azeem Banatwalla: Problems

You are watching now the Azeem Banatwalla: Problems movie has Comedy Genres and produced in India with 67 min runtime. Brought to you by and directed by Neville Shah,

Azeem Banatwalla’s second stand-up special is a wickedly dark show that taps into the inner, evil voice in the back of all our heads, and uses it to solve the biggest problems plaguing the country – stupidity, moral policing, racism, indoctrination, overpopulation, Kashmir, the government, and of course, Pigeons. There’s also a joke about Salman if that’s what you’re into. Nobody’s judging you

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Genre: Comedy




Duration: 67 min

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IMDb: 4.2