Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Latest News, Review and Trailer

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Whether you are planning to watch the old movie or you have bought the tickets for the latest one, the name Jumanji full movie always gives us chills. It is an adventurous movie with some unique features that make it appear like a horror movie.

The moment the movie starts you will feel the terrors. THE GAME ALWAYS FINDS A WAY is something that makes every fan want to watch the movie till the end. The sequel of Jumanji 2017 is something all the fans have been waiting for and now it will help to create new memories.

Jumanji New Adventure or The Original Story

Jumanji old movie review

After the release of the trailer of the movie, most of the people have been confused. They think that movie has no link with the previous film and that is why it should not be called Jumanji only because it has a game in it.

What they do not understand is that eventually, it is the same movie with a new platform. The directors and amazingly created the new world of the Jumanji using special skills. This version of the movie is all about adventure and how a person can protect himself in the jungle with teamwork.

Jumanji Unique Twist

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It is the age of technology and the filmmakers have perfectly used this concept in the movie the first twist that you will come across is how the movie begins. Instead of having the same old board game it is now converted into a video game that the group of friends accidentally access on their computer while they are punished.

As soon as the movie begins the entire background changes. It is not the same old Jumanji movie where the jungle is brought into the world. Now it is the time that the gang has to go into the jungle and survive while playing to the game to get back into their real world.

Jumanji Spoilers Revealed

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There has been news that the fans are not very happy with the plot twist and changes that have been made to the original story of the film.

  • The fans say that it will not be like the original movie and so it will waste their time and money.
  • In order to assure that the fans will remain interested some of the spoilers have been leaked in the form of the trailers.
  • The main secret of the film that how the bodies changes and some teens are converted into adults has been revealed.
  • The only secret left in the film is that how they will manage to get out of the jungle on time by working together and losing their lives.

Welcome to the Jungle Movie

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So the Jumanji welcome’s you to the jungle this time. The movie is about to be displayed in cinemas this Christmas and there is hope that cinemas will not remain empty. Let us wait and see that how much revenue this movie with plot twist will be able to generate.