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Horror movies have always been the favorite especially when the Halloween is around the corner. Every year several horrors movies are launched but there are only a few that are able to grab the attention of the public. Saw movie has always been the most favorite of the audience and they are taking the entire game to the next level with the Jigsaw 2017.

Jigsaw is about to rule the Halloween

Jigsaw and Halloween

Considering the recent records, it seems like the movie is here to stay in the cinemas for a long a time. Seven years ago, Saw 3D film made an earning of $1.7 million and it was thought to be the last installment of the film. Similarly, the other installments of the movie made up to 20 – 22 million dollars. It would not be wrong to say that it is recorded amount that has been generated by the horror movie.

Jigsaw Latest News

Jigsaw Latest News

With the advancement in technology, many amazing innovations have been introduced in the field of film-making. It has become easier to add the special effects and some unique graphics that make the people think about the movie even in their sleep. There have been many amazing films introduced but none of them has been able to compete with Jigsaw that is now standing tall with its expansion to over 2941 theaters. The film directed by Peter Spierig and Michael Spierig is winning the hearts.

Jigsaw: How many Tickets Sold till Now?

As soon as the news was out that the movie is about to be displayed on the big screen people started to buy the tickets. Almost $2.2 million was generated even before the premiere of the film.

Jigsaw 2017 movie

People were so excited to watch this new introduction to the Saw series that they booked all the tickets and assure that their seats were reserved so that they will not have to deal with the crowd or wait for the tickets. All the cinemas were booked for all the times and days of the movie. Most of the cinemas played the movie for extra days to assure that all the fans will enjoy the movie with its true glory. Even then for most of the days, the seats were completely booked and people were waiting.

The real revenue was generated during the days of the Halloween because people loved the cinematography and special features of the film that made them enjoy every single scene.

Jigsaw Reviews

All the fans shared amazing reviews regarding the Jigsaw. They said that the film has met their expectation just like all the previous installments of the movie. Most of the fans are expecting another sequel and they never want the Saw franchise to shut down.

Jigsaw Reviews

They want the writers, actors, producers, and directors to keep working on this amazing film because it makes them feel terrified from the very beginning till the end of the movie. Jigsaw movie has set the standards high for all the other horror films. The directors are working to give the audience something better because now they have a huge competition.

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