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Los Angeles has always been on the hit list and the filmmakers love to make action based movies targeting this city. The reason might be a high crime rate or the fact that it is famous for all the casinos and gambling.

Bright Release Date

bright 2017 movie

Bright movie is about to be released on 22 December on Netflix and it seems like that it is going to be the highest grossing movie of all time with all the scenes and the amazing actions that most of the fans have been waiting for. the biggest attraction of the movie is that it was assured that no information was given fans other than cast members.

Most of them are excited that Will Smith has the lead role because he always works on the quality project.

Bright Unique Revelation

joel edgerton

A few fans have said that they are not satisfied with the quality of the trailers. For their satisfaction, a 2nd trailer has been introduced and it has a better quality than the previous ones. It is proof that it is only being done to tease the fans because it is expected to be the top grossing movie of Netflix and they are never going to take any chances with the quality especially when the customers want the best.

Will Smith Protect LA

will smith bright 2017 movie

The entire plot of the movie is based on the protection of LA. This time LA is not in danger because of the human activities. It is now ruled by orcs, elves, and other supernatural characters. They are disturbing the balance of the life and creating issues that no one can expect. Now it is the duty of Will Smith and his partner to protect their lands.

Joel Edgerton is playing the role of Will’s partner and he is the first even elf that has been appointed in the human police force. Now their duty is to find all the culprits and eliminate them before they can destroy the entire city.

Bright Fans Reviews

bright movie reviews

Fans have huge hopes and expectations from the film and there are chances that if they enjoy it, Bright will become of the top grossing movies that have been introduced on Netflix movies. All we can do is wait for the film to be released so that everyone can enjoy and share the reviews.

Bright Official Trailer

bright trailer

In order to enhance the interest of the viewers recently the trailer of the movie has been released. Now the sole purpose of the Netflix trailer was to give the fans a sneak peek that how the movie is going to be.

However, the trailer shocked most of the fans. They were attracted by Will Smith’s partner that did not seem to be like a normal human being. This is the point where most of the story of the film has been revealed. It is not going to be the common actions movies that we often love to see. There is going to be some action, supernatural characters and major plot twists that will help you to enjoy the movie till the end.

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