FAQ – Watch4HD.com

1- Is it legal to watch movies on Watch4HD.com ?

Absolutely, watching is completely legal. We don’t host or store movies, we are just a links database.

2- How to Report a borken video link ?

Before you report us the dead video’s links, try the other alternative links first

alternative links

if it doesn’t work too, then report us by click on the report button under the video embed container
and choose from drop down menu your reason for report. We will fix it as soon as possible


3- I can’t find my Favorite movies, How i can find it ?

First try to search for your favorite movie’s title without the “year” number of the release at the top right button (beside the top menu bar), if you couldn’t find it in the search results then please use the Request Form and we will post these movies for you.


4- How to know the version of the movie that I am watching ?

Just hover your mouse on the thumb and check this icon in the dialog


5- The Movie doesn’t play, it keeps loading. Why?

If it takes too long to load and didn’t play then please try to clear your browser cache first by pressing these two keys together in your keyboard (CTRL + F5).
If it still doesn’t work after refresh, You need Flash Player or DivX Player.

P.S.: We recommend you to switch to Chrome for better performance.

6- Why does the video often stop and say “Buffering” or “Loading”?

It always depend on your internet connections speed. We suggest you let the video load, press pause, and let it load for a couple of minutes in the background ,and then you can start watching it.


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