Baptiste Season 1 Episode 1
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Baptiste Season 1 Episode 1

Baptiste Season 1 Episode 1

Julien Baptiste is trying his best to enjoy retired life with his family in Amsterdam, but when Police Commissioner and former girlfriend Martha Horchner asks him to assist with a missing person’s case, Julien can’t refuse.

He meets Edward Stratton who has been desperately scouring the streets of Amsterdam to find his niece, sex worker Natalie Rose. Julien has great empathy for Edward’s plight and the two men delve into the seamy and criminal underworld of the red light district looking for clues as to Natalie’s whereabouts.

But the case takes an unexpected turn and Julien soon finds himself unraveling a complex web of deceit and lies.

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Series: Baptiste


Episode Title: Shell

Air Date: 2019-02-17